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The Learning 
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The Learning Project Network

We serve as an multi-purpose educational hub for educators, childcare and health care providers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to advocate on behalf of underserved families throughout Eastern Washington by raising awareness through research, media, and leadership developement.

We raise awareness, provide solutions, and cultivate leadership for people of color and vulnerable communities who are not receiving health equity and social justice. We center lived experiences as we build community from the ground up. We align programs and initiatives discovered through research and community feedback.


Our Research 

Our Solutions 

Our Research

In 2020 our organization became heavy involved in youth prevention, intervention and growth mindset for kids in the local community. We wanted to know how movement and culture could heal a child's and build resillence.

Our Solution

The Learning Project created youth programs focusing on a growth mindset through step teams, leadership camps, and collaborative partnerships to increase students positive experience score.

Our Research

in 2015 we established the first social justice training in project based learning for early childhood educators in WA, State.

Our Solution

In response to the growing need for relevant training we built training and workshops to build a framework of hope to help educators better understand how the social determinates of health impact the communities we serve.

Our Research

Many communities experience health inequities because of their race, culture, identity or where they live.

Our Solution

We identify health equity strategies through in-person and virtual seminars, art exhibits and ceremonies that gather underserved communities. Our approach is unconventional to help build engagement through policy, community and the arts.


Meet Our Founder 

Stephaine Courtney’s journey in equitable early childhood education and maternal health begins in the classroom, spending a decade as an educator and center director for nearly 15 years. With a strong background in project-based learning, Courtney also served as the Curriculum Director for The Little Scholars Early Learning Center. In this position, she developed a multicultural curriculum centered on Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple intelligences, spearheading programs that considered the cultural backgrounds of all students.


What Were Doing 

Our movement is growing in Spokane, WA 

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A few of our Partners

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